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Tales of is back and better than ever on Android


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Tales of the Rays is an RPG belonging to the popular saga 'Tales of', which for the first time has successfully managed to migrate the experience of its previous console titles to the Android ecosystem. On this occasion, players join Ix and Mileena to resurrect the Old World as they rediscover the glory of past heroes.

Fighting in Tales of the Rays takes place live, perfectly adapted to tactile control systems. Tapping your screen has you deploying normal attacks onto your enemies, while sliding your finger in different directions lets you use special attack abilities.

When you're not going out on adventures or actively battling during combat you can make a stop to visit your base and manage each aspect of your group of heroes. Little by little you'll also recruit new characters, some of which are old acquaintances from other titles within this franchise. Otherwise you can also customize your hero's appearance to raise his level, teach him new skills, equip him with better weapons, and much more.

Tales of the Rays is an excellent JRPG with outstanding finishing touches, well defined graphics, and as is usual within the saga, 'Tales of' has impressive animation sequences. Not to mention its great soundtrack and back story full of extensive player missions. In short, we're looking at a PC or console-level title (in terms of quality and playability) that's emerged to much success on Android.
By Erika Okumura
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